What is Cafe Racer?

This movement has its origins in the British city of London, where cafes were a big part of the city’s leisure. We go back to the 50’s, when automobiles were already available for purchase. Against the system, the young generation of the time opted for motorcycles, which represented speed and risk.

Rockers were the urban tribe that had the most influence during the Cafe Racer movement, which lasts to this day. They helped spread this culture by creating their own style of motorcycles: fast and loud. The goal of these motorcycles was to be the fastest to go from one Cafe to another, which started a number of modifications to reach the maximum speed in the shortest time possible.

It is said that the young bikers would set a route, put a record on the jukebox and the rider had to make the route before the song ended. Another of the objectives to be achieved was to reach 100 mph speed. The first step to achieve this speed was to remove as much weight as possible from the bike, removing or changing parts for other competition parts. This gave way to the creation of a style of its own, the Cafe Racer.

The most common changes were the modification of the chassis, the incorporation of sport handlebars, the rearward movement of the foot pegs to find a posture that adapts to the speed when riding, a single seat and an elongated fuel tank. This new need for parts made that in the 60s there was an increase in the market for racing parts, many companies began to market this type of product when they saw the tendency. Some of the parts that began to be marketed were the seats with hump or new Cafe Racer style fuel tanks.

This movement is one of the most influential in the world of two wheels, despite the passage of time, it is still a style very present all over the world. A subculture that considers man and motorcycle as one, along with the passion for speed, rock and roll and a very unique motorcycle.

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Cafe Racer style

In Tamarit Motorcycles, the Triumph Cafe Racer style is undoubtedly our obsession, the most inspiring for us and the style that has influenced a huge part of our motorcycles as well as our parts catalog.

Due its great demand, we’ve included Cafe Racer style parts on every model and generations of Modern Classics we deal with. This kind of motorcycle is experiencing a new comeback among all-age users.

Every person with the intention of buying a Cafe Racer motorcycle always takes into account the Triumph Modern Classics, the best option available to this kind of projects, being able to perfectly capture the essence of the style.

Cafe Racer transformations

Most of the Tamarit projects are made under client request, so most of the time we follow the ideas and desires of what our clients want in order to shape the project. Nevertheless, our projects based on Triumph Cafe Racers keep great part of the style created back then, thanks to parts and accessories as the clip-ons, the cowls (for old and new generation) or the low cone-shaped exhausts.

Obviously, the options and possibilities are almost infinite, and the limits are only set by our imagination, that’s why in Tamarit we love to say that we’ll never make two equal projects, given that they always would be different for something. That eagerness of the young generation during the 50’s and 60’s for tuning their motorcycles has been a truly inspiration for us, who love the sense of exclusivity and being able to express our lifestyle and feelings on something as cool as a classic motorcycle.

What would it cost me a similar project?

Cafe Racer makeovers made by Tamarit have become in all kind of projects and ideas, from sober beings as Babieca and The Son, to truly aesthetic bombs such as Black Moustache, Mr Kevin or Dakota. This style is now more than 60 years old, but fortunately, it is more alive than ever and it is more and more common to see motorcycles of this type on the roads. It is more than a type of motorcycle, for many, it is a way of life.

cafe racer dakota

#67 Dakota Iglesias. Cafe Racer Tamarit Project

Buy Cafe Racer motorcycle

You can buy Cafe Racer motorcycle in the easiest way from Tamarit Motorcycles projects. If you do not have a motorcycle to make the Cafe Racer transformation according to your needs, Tamarit Motorcycles searches the second-hand market and serves as a bridge between our customers and individuals or trusted dealers.

Once we have the bike that will serve as the basis for the project made to your own wishes, we propose to the customer through digital sketches and manuals all the possible options so that he can decide between those shapes and colors that are more to his preference.

The project includes all the parts chosen to carry out the transformation, labor and transport arrangements from its starting point to our workshop, and from our workshop to the door of the customers house, as well as the homologation of the project signed by a qualified engineer.

Although our customers ask us for transformations of different styles ranging from urban bikes to scramblers suitable for any terrain, Tamarit Motorcycles proposes mostly transformation parts within the style known as Cafe Racer. To buy a cafe racer motorcycle you only have to take a look at our previous work to establish a starting point about what the customer prefers in terms of parts, designs and colors.

It is important to highlight the fact that Tamarit will never make two Cafe Racer motorcycles alike, as our clients also acquire a certain exclusivity benefit from us, the commitment that their motorcycle is something unique in the world is also included in the price of these modification projects.

Contact us to know more about the definitive Cafe Racer project made on one of the Triumph neoclassics compatible with our catalog of exclusive parts.

The largest transformer of Cafe Racer motorcycles with Triumph engines

Tamarit’s work philosophy is reflected in the values of the British brand, in which we have specialized and made a large number of Cafe Racer motorcycles based on Triumph engines. Thanks to our experience, more than 100 motorcycles created, we have become the largest transformer of motorcycles with Triumph engines in the world. Specialization is the fundamental base of our way of working and the final goal is to achieve the bike that our customers dream of.

The Cafe Racer style is, without a doubt, the most used style in our projects and the one from which we receive the most demand from people who come to us looking for a neoclassical motorcycle. It is the style that best represents the 50’s movement and has become a timeless icon that fits both classic aesthetics and the technology needs of today.

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The final projects presented in this section not only maintain the main aesthetic features of the 1950s era, but are combined with the most modern features and technological advances on the market. This timeless union manages to allow the creation of true works of art that are also fully functional.

The best Cafe Racer motorcycles from Tamarit

In the most part of cases, when a customer comes to us looking for a neoclassic bike, it usually ends up becoming a pure Cafe Racer bike or, at least, adopting some of the characteristics of this trend. This has made this style to be very present, not only in our motorcycles, but it has also developed a very important role in the development of parts.

Below, you can see some videos with the best selection of motorcycles transformed by Tamarit, within the Cafe Racer style.

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Cafe Racer frequently questions

Do I need to have a motorcycle to carry out a Cafe Racer project?

If you already have a bike from the Triumph Modern Classics range, the process to start working on getting a Cafe Racer bike completely unique and customized to your own needs, is very simple. Having a bike that will serve as the basis for your project, you just have to take a look at our previous work on the basis of Triumph engines to find inspiration that will serve as a guideline for the final project.


How do you pick up my bike to start with the Cafe Racer transformation?

We pick up your bike at your door, transform it and bring it back to your door. We have a transport company with which we pick up your bike from anywhere in the world. Tamarit takes care of everything so you can enjoy this experience without worries. Fill out the form and start your Cafe Racer transformation today.


How is the Cafe Racer transformation process of the motorcycles?

The process of transformation of Tamarit motorcycles begins with a simple form that will set the guidelines for the meetings with the project team, after which the first sketches will begin in which you can start to see the final result of the Cafe Racer motorcycle. During this process, Tamarit provides support from professionals who will help you achieve the desired end result on your bike. Most of our parts have been designed to fit this style, so we have a wide catalog and experience to turn your bike into a Cafe Racer unique in the world.

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They talk about our Cafe Racer Motorcycles

In just 5 years, Tamarit has managed to become a reference in terms of transformations on motorcycles with Triumph engine. This specialization in our work has given great results, which have been echoed by both national and international media. Tamarit’s presence in the press has become usual due to the recognition granted by the different experts of the sector.

These are some of the most important media in which our Cafe Racer transformations on Triumph motorcycles have appeared. Here you can see what they think of our work, some of the best specialized media in the motor sector.

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Cafe racer magazine

Testimonials from our Cafe Racer motorcycle owners

If there is something, we are proud of, it is what we call the Tamarit family. Our family is formed by all those who have placed their trust in us to get the bike of their dreams, something we always try our best to achieve.

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We want you to be part of it, so we leave you some of the testimonials of those who, like you, one day thought of starting a Cafe Racer project with us.

The blog talks about Cafe Racer

Being such an important style within our motorcycle catalog, the Cafe Racer style plays a fundamental role in our website, where you can find much more information about the main features to create a Cafe Racer motorcycle and the latest aesthetic trends in terms of the colors that best fit this type of transformation.

If after reading all this information about Cafe Racer motorcycle projects, you are still curious, you can find more information in our blog posts. Find out more about the origin of this style and what are the latest trends adapted to these bikes.