Triumph Bonneville Black

A powerful, high-tech Triumph Bonneville Black T120 with remarkable riding enhancements will give you an unparalleled experience that gets you more than just from one place to the next. Its timeless, loaded with torque engine and easy handling stand out whether you're using it for your daily commute or exploring new paths in your spare time.

A Triumph Bonneville Black loaded with torque

Greater lightness and a livelier response are some of the characteristics of this powerful engine whose weight has been reduced to give the Bonneville a greater sense of precision and speed. In addition, the latest engine evolution of the Triumph Bonneville Black T120 incorporates advanced technical features such as the electronic throttle, which seamlessly connects the rider's right hand and the powertrain for smooth and seamless power delivery at any engine speed and in any of the six gears of the precise gearbox.

triumph bonneville t120

Significantly improved handling and high technology

The Bonneville Black's characteristically neutral, easy and engaging ride has evolved to even greater levels. This is the easiest riding Triumph Bonneville Black T120 to date, thanks to a significant reduction in engine weight and new, lighter tires.

The Triumph Bonneville Black T120 has many additional modern technology features, such as easy-to-use one-button cruise control, which increases comfort and reduces rider fatigue on long rides.

Riding modes have also been improved. Road and Rain modes now adjust engine injection mapping and traction control for ideal throttle response in all types of riding conditions.

Les amateurs de la vitesse

Attention to detail and an obsession for the finest finishes are evident in the updated Triumph Bonneville Black T120 with the most modern styling touches and perfectly integrated into the design of the ultimate Modern Classic. New Bonneville-branded clock faces clearly display a mix of analogue and digital information. A key design signature of the Bonneville, the 3.8 gal litre fuel tank, now gets new 3-bar chromed classic metal tank badges and traditional hand-painted coach lining for a premium finish that’s both unique and unmistakably Triumph.

This bike receives a more than durable finish, but with a much more somber and classy feel. Just look at the dark leather seat, engine and exhaust in black to match the wheels and headlight rim. Dark and elegant, the Black T120 sophisticated color options give it a totally different presence.

Crafted and refined details include machined cooling fins on the cylinder head and a high quality twin-skin brushed exhaust, which hides the innovative catalyst under the bike, whilst maintaining its beautiful flowing lines.


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