Triumph custom scrambler

The Triumph custom scrambler is an iconic reference of the sixties that today is more alive than ever with infinite customizations and even new models of the brands. A mix between a naked and a trail, ideal for touring on two wheels.

With a look that mixes off-road and road, the Scrambler custom is an ideal choice for lovers of classic motorcycles with "that" something that makes you fall in love.

Scrambler custom: Origins

The Triumph custom scrambler was born in the United Kingdom from the hand of cafe racer motorcycles. Originally, they were motorcycles prepared by young people, who made illegal races from one point to another of the city in the shortest possible time and on any type of terrain.

Before the arrival of Husqvarna or KTM's Enduro and Motocross productions, users were already demanding off-road bikes, so they had to turn their everyday bikes into an off-road bike. To this need must be added the boom of British bikes used in the California desert races.

Triumph custom scrambler: Off-road bikes

Designed with a robust look with knobby or mixed tyres, the Scrambler custom faithfully represented the off-road character sought by its owner. To this appeal, we must add the role of some figures of the time such as Steve McQueen in the movie "The Great Escape" or Elvis Presley, who created aesthetic and social references using Scrambler motorcycles.

Scrambler custom: Distinctive features

Scrambler motorcycles are road motorcycles adapted to off-road use. Therefore, their basic characteristics include lightness, robustness and reliability, but they also have a series of peculiarities that make them very different from the rest:

Sturdy knobby tyres, raised exhaust pipe to avoid touching surface imperfections; shorter and padded seat; visual simplicity: it carries what is strictly necessary; lightness: components that reduce weight; fuel tank smaller than normal; small clocks, etc.

In addition to the above mentioned features, especially as more distinctive features of its more Triumph custom scrambler side, we find the front and engine cover that enhance the off-road side that characterizes them, the Dakar exhaust, the high fender and sometimes the seat inserted into the chassis or split in two that gives it an originality and unparalleled peculiarity.

Triumph custom scrambler: Power

The important thing is not beauty, but the robustness of a bike that will not resist any trail in any conditions. That's why a Triumph custom scrambler is so interesting, a bike that mixes simplicity with power, something that for the eyes of the rider is really beautiful.

Off-road trip motorcycles par excellence, the Scrambler custom is an icon in the motorcycle world that never goes out of fashion.


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