Triumph Bonneville Scrambler

Not all the bikes in Tamarit Motorcycles are prepared for riding in roads and asphalts. Many of them are born from the desire of our clients for action and all sort of adventures – It is of this kind of feeling that Triumph Bonneville Scrambler come from.

Bikes set and ready to ride especially throughout irregular and bone-rattling paths.

A unique opportunity to provide the regular Bonnie with a radical and offbeat touch, with an exclusive parts kit for a perfect balanced build between the style and aggressiveness.

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler Parts & Specs

The Triumph Bonneville Scrambler is recognized by its capability for dirt roads. As every other all-terrain bike, the TMRT’s Scrambler style makeovers are fitted with generous fenders both in the front and rear to ensure the visibility when off-road.

The same way the body of the bike is modified, the performance components are also changed, especially according to areas like suspension and grip. That is the reason why key parts as suspension or the tires are improved and substituted by high-efficiency shock absorbers or knobby tires, more indicated for these usages.