Number 216 Motorcycle

A scrambler style bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Number 216 story

Perhaps many of you are familiar with Tamarit for its wide range of transformed motorcycles so far, on different styles such as: Café Racer, Dirt Track, Brat Style etc… but all of them have something in common, they are all Triumph. But not every Triumph is good for us, only the Triumph Modern Classics: Bonneville, Thruxton and Scrambler, and obviously we will never release two equal motorcycles.

But honestly not only is the Triumph makeover the only business line for the company, but also we have other area which is the selling of Plug and Play parts for the Triumph models previously mentioned.

All the Triumph parts we manufacture have in common that they are easy to assemble parts, without cutting, soldering or drilling. Something that is reversible in the future.

Moreover, from Tamarit we sell and distribute our parts to official Triumph dealers all around the world (such as the Triumph dealer in Valencia, one of our clients), as well as motorcycle makeover professionals. Currently there are a lot of motorcycles with the Tamarit stamp roaming on the roads, which make us very satisfied due a job well done.

Each motorcycle is one of a kind.

Triumph custom builds according to the client’s tastes.

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During May 2016, we attended to a “pop up store”, very fashionable nowadays. It was the Palo Alto Market Valencia, where we met our friend and afterwards client Eladio Pascual, who was managing the Triumph Valencia stand.

Several of the attendants of the event owning a Triumph motorcycle knew us, and a few others already had some Tamarit parts installed on their motorcycles thanks to our friend Eladio.

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In the course of the event, Eladio introduced us a client of him from the dealer shop, Daniel, owner of a stunning Triumph Scrambler which we noticed that carried quite a few parts manufactured by Tamarit Motorcycles.
We talked with Daniel for a while and he told us that he customised the motorcycle little by little, purchasing parts from time to time, but he wanted to finish it and wanted to do it with us. We were surprised since the Scrambler was already pretty worked and wouldn’t be a full makeover performed by Tamarit Motorcycles.

Once the fair finished and we were back to our headquarters, Daniel turned up to bring us his Triumph Scrambler 900.

We started to work, although it wasn’t that much amount of work to do, because Daniel was positive from the very beginning and all the parts installed on his bike were manufactured by Tamarit Motorcycles.

Following the guidelines provided by Daniel, there were 3 parts to replace on his Triumph Scrambler: our “Grand Bastard” fender, a perfect piece for an scrambler, the Hummer sump guard, and the Papillon exhausts. And on top of these, the paint job, something that for Daniel should be our stamp (since the parts could have been installed in Valencia).

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Matte satin black, that was the chosen color, with an enigmatic “216” painted on light grey on the fuel tank. And was enigmatic for us because we could have placed it on one of the side covers, but Daniel denied it and when we asked about the meaning of the number he never told us. It was quite a short-term job, and that’s why this time we didn’t hold a huge presentation in our shop, but we felt like making a photo session and adding the scrambler style motorcycle to our roster, since is a genuine Tamarit Triumph bike.

There are not two equal bikes by TMRT.

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I want a Tamarit bike project.