Triumph Thruxton History

When wheels take you back to the England from the 60’s.

As some other modern classics bikes, the history of Triumph Thruxton dates back to the mid 20th century, when the mass production of bikes skyrocketed. Bikes had found their niche of users among society.

There are many motorcycles that want to claim the term Cafe Racer, but none can dethrone the Triumph Thruxton, which is still considered the original Cafe Racer. The Bonneville T120 that competed in the Thruxton circuit in 1961, was part of sport motorcycling birth and that event was the one that led to the appearance of the Bonneville T120 Thruxton. During the 1960s, a whole generation of young Cafe Racer riders chose this bike for its ideal combination of style and sporty performance.

After this, it was not until 2004 when the Cafe Racer concept returned with force to the catalog of the British brand. In 2016 returned to undergo major changes that updated the Triumph Thruxton to provide it with an upgraded ride and features more in line with the new times. Nowadays, the British motorcycle company has introduced a version that goes one step further, the Triumph Thruxton RS.

This new Thruxton RS is the natural evolution towards a much sportier and technological direction, closely following the purity of the Cafe Racer aesthetics. Both this and the previous versions (Thruxton 900, Thruxton 1200 and Thruxton 1200R) are versatile bikes, known for their clear sporty approach and good road handling. Riding this bike, you will have the feeling of riding a real classic motorcycle of the 60’s but only on the outside, because inside it keeps the most advanced technology that provides power and safety.

This modern classic was launched to the market as the alternative to the Bonnie, with a riding position leaning towards the fuel tank and the foot pegs at the rear. Despite its discontinued production throughout the years, the current Thruxton has managed to go back to the top of the motorcycles thanks to their new sound reissues.

Triumph Thruxton models

The Triumph Thruxton has had a great background in the English brand catalog since its creation in the mid 20th century. These are the main models that can be used as the core bike for an exclusive makeover project with Tamarit Motorcycles.

Triumph Thruxton 900: It was the original model of the air-cooled modern classics range. With a capacity of 900T, it is to remark that it was manufactured in two fuel setups, Carb (from 2004 to 2008) and electronic fuel injection (2008 to 2016).

Triumph Thruxton 1200: One of the new entries for the current liquid-cooled Thruxton generation. It prints a step forward compared with the previous 900T model, not only in the capacity area but also in benefits and technology.

Triumph Thruxton R: It is one of the top models of the current Thruxton range, mostly identical to the 1200, but with certain extras which increase dramatically some aspects as the performance, the suspension, the brakes…

Triumph Thruxton RS: A further step in the Thruxton range, always trying to exceed the expectations with the next model. The RS maximize the R benefits and adds some extras for the most demanding customers.

The largest transformer of motorcycles with Triumph Thruxton engine

Tamarit’s work philosophy is reflected in the values of the British motorcycle brand, in which we have specialized and completed more than 100 projects based on Triumph engines, from the Modern Classics range. Thanks to our track record, we have become the largest transformer of motorcycles with Triumph engines in the world. Specialization is the fundamental base of our way of working and the final goal is to achieve the motorcycle dreamed by our customers.

The Triumph Thruxton are the most demanded models by those looking for a sporty bike but not away from a classic aesthetic, something that the Thruxton range best reflects. These are bikes with great performance but represent the Cafe Racer movement like no other, known as the original Cafe Racer.

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The final projects featured in this section not only maintain the main aesthetic features of the 1960s era, but are combined with the most modern features and technological advances on the market. This timeless union manages to allow the creation of true masterpieces that are also fully functional.

Triumph Thruxton styles

Due to his nature, cut out for asphalt, the best aligned style with this sports Triumph is obviously the Cafe Racer. One of the styles that best represents these classic motorcycles created between the 50s and 60s.

Thruxton Cafe Racer is basically the perfect classic sports motorcycle, considering the different projects that can be made in this style. While some other kind of builds could be taken into account for this motorcycle, we consider the Cafe Racer as the best fit for the Triumph Thruxton.

Best Tamarit Triumph Thruxton premium Motorcycles

Not all the projects that are made in our workshop are the same and not all of them are presented on the web. Those that are featured, introduce a new concept of style that is reflected in the video presentation of the bike.

Below, you can see some of the Triumph Thruxton videos that we have presented in the last months and that represent the introduction to our way of working with the transformations of Tamarit motorcycles.

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Triumph Thruxton frequently questions

Do I need to have a Triumph Thruxton to start a project?

If you already have a Triumph Thruxton bike, the process to start working on getting a completely unique and customized bike to suit your needs is very simple. Having a bike that will serve as the basis for your project, you just have to take a look at our previous works on the basis of a Thruxton engine to find the inspiration that will serve as a guideline for the final project.

If, on the other hand, you do not have a bike for the transformation, the Tamarit Motorcycles team will help you to find a bike that meets the required characteristics for the transformation. Our team acts as a bridge between the customer and dealers or individuals who sell second hand Triumph Thruxton motorcycles.


How do you pick up my Triumph Thruxton?

We pick up your Triumph Thruxton at your door, transform it and bring it back to your door. We have a transport company with which we pick up your bike from any point in the world. Tamarit takes care of everything so you can enjoy this experience without worries.


Transformation of your Triumph Thruxton

The transformation process of the Tamarit Thruxton begins with a simple form that will set the guidelines for the meetings with the project team, after which the first sketches will begin in which you can start to see the final result of the bike. During this process, Tamarit provides support from professionals who will help you achieve the desired end result on your bike.

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They talk about our Thruxton bikes

In just 5 years, Tamarit has managed to become a reference in terms of transformations on motorcycles with Triumph engine. This specialization in their work has given great results, which have been echoed by both national and international media. Tamarit’s presence in the press has become usual due to the recognition granted by the different experts of the sector.

These are some of the most important media in which our transformations on Triumph Thruxton motorcycles have appeared. Here you can see what they think of our work, some of the best specialized media in the motor sector.

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Cafe racer magazine

Testimonials from our Triumph Bonneville owners

If there is something, we are proud of, it is what we call the Tamarit family. Our family is formed by all those who have placed their trust in us to get the bike of their dreams, something we always work hard to achieve.

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We want you to be part of it, so we leave you some of the testimonials of those who, like you, one day thought about starting a project with us.

Thruxton comparisons

If you want to discover more about the Triumph Thruxton, in our blog you can read different articles in which you will find comparisons of the models of the Thruxton range with others of the most recognized brands in the market, such as Royal Enfield, Honda or Yamaha. Discover their main features, engine, equipment and price.

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