Dalua Motorcycle

A cafe racer bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Dalua story

As every business at the beginning, the first clients to order something from a local just opened are people close to the founders and workers of the business. The story of Dalua begins with an acquaintance of one of the founding members of Tamarit, Quique, who used to have breakfast and lunch in the patisserie owned by a friend of him, Dani. Dani has been running that pattiserie for many years with acclaim and prestige on a national level. After frequently watching Quique’s motorbike (triumph thruxton 900)  parked at the gate of his establishment, he thought about acquiring a motorcycle to customize with Tamarit Motorcycles. Maybe it wasn’t our intention but, Dani finally end up asking the million dollar question: How much would cost a project like that?

Of course, Tamarit always deals with budgets based on what the client can afford and what’s agreed to be spent on the project, and from that moment we decided to make no distinction on the prices with any of the projects ordered. We just ask for the cost of the parts and the required labour, always agreed before the projects gets under way.

Each motorcycle is one of a kind.

Triumph custom builds according to the client’s tastes.

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In this life, if you are a perfectionist, you end up challenging yourself, so each project always has to be somehow better than the previous and so on.

Dalua as a triumph thruxton 900 gave room to a frequent method for the following months in the Tamarit works: each motorbike that entered our garage was used as a base to create casts for new and exclusive motorcycle parts. As a company we rejected at first manufacturing parts randomly , we wanted however to create parts only to be set on our client’s motorcycles.

Finally Dani decided to take the first step and dropped on the Tamarit Crew hands a 2007 triumph thruxton 900, which after a few tests was the one that mounted our Assent seat for the first time.

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Apart from the Assent seat, Tamarit had already developed a range of parts for the Triumph Thruxton, because despite being Dalua the second motorcycle to be modified by Tamarit ever, the first order was a Thruxton as well, so parts like the front fender (nicknamed Little Bastard), the Boludos exhausts and the fender eliminator kit were applied as well on this makeover. An item that afterwards has been commercially very popular, is the oval shaped custom numbered plate, a fiberglass-made plate that goes on the side with the design desired by the client. This parts is also available on fiberglass finish in order to customize it at home as you wish. This item was included in Dalua, and Dani chose the number 13 to be the one appearing on the side of the caferacer bike.

About the paint job, this one was risky call but in the end turned to be a total success, since the finish had an international impact among Modern Classics blogs and Triumph specialized websites. Dalua was painted with a copper tone on a black base, with features that clearly stood out such as the Triumph logo designed specially for the occasion by an illustrator hired by Tamarit.

Despite the critical acclaim around the net, the best reward for us is the huge smile drawn on the face of our clients when the time comes to introduce him the motorcycle just fresh from the oven. In this project, we told Dani that the bike wouldn’t be finished for quite a long time, nevertheless we finished the project way before the deadline. An innocent “mischief” that we like to perpetrate when it’s possible is to give our client a surprise, smuggling silently the finished triumph thruxton 900 in his workplace, garage or surroundings without letting him know.

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Dalua was our first mischief episodes, so we asked for help to a Dani’s relative, who opened for us the patisserie to place the Triumph motorbike just in the middle of his workplace during a closing sunday. When morning came, Dani opened the atelier at first light, discovering “Dalua” inside. We would’ve loved to see his face, that would resemble when you’re a child, staring at the presents below the Christmas Tree.

There are not two equal bikes by TMRT.

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