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Triumph Speed Twin mods

The Triumph Speed Twin mods are here to give this classic and fast motorcycle a unique personality. The Speed Twin is a motorcycle manufactured by Triumph with a history that goes back to the late 30s. As part of their modern classic series, this motorcycle has a timeless look and the comforts of modern technology.

The presentation of this motorcycle set a precedent for all future models of the British manufacturer, it was a highlight in its history thanks to its lighter frame, which made it a faster option compared to the motorcycles of contemporary brands. This model was first presented in 1937 and was manufactured in two generations in the 40s and 60s with great success. It was in 2019 when the British brand reintroduced this motorcycle into the market, this time updated to new regulations and the latest technology.

triumph speed twin

Speed Twin modifications: Fast and classic

The world of the Triumph Speed Twin mods is wide and limitless, there are certain trends and common modifications that are easy to identify but all Triumph Speed Twin mods are quite unique.

This motorcycle is supposed to be all about speed, which means it has to be light and have a great performance. The latest model of this modern classic has the impeccable performance of a liquid-cooled 1200cc parallel twin engine, updated to follow new emission regulations which makes it cleaner and more efficient. The dimensions of this motorcycle, at 476 lb. wet weight and 31.9 in seat height, might not be enough for some, that is why one common Triumph Speed Twin mods is making the motorcycle lighter.

speed twin

Speed Twin mods : A custom classic

Our latest custom Speed twins are Dreams, an urban Brat style motorcycle with new exhausts, eliminator kit, side covers, Motogadget turn signals, wing mirrors, sump guard, and chain covers, and an elegant navy-blue design; and Paris, with the brand new Suzuka seat, Paris side covers, exhausts, belly pan, eliminator kit, and a racing design with white as protagonist with details in gold.

The versatility and simple lines of this motorcycle make it a perfect base for a customization. For each customization project our team creates a personal design with the client and later develops new parts and accessories to follow that exact design. This has allowed us to expand our catalog of custom parts to make all the necessary Triumph Speed Twin mods and transform this motorcycle into a more personal and unique design.


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