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2019 Triumph Speed Twin

The 2019 Triumph Speed Twin is the reintroduction of a classic motorcycle of the British manufacturer into the market. The first model of the Speed Twin takes us back to 1938, the launch of this motorcycle was a turning point for the British brand. The brilliant engineering made this motorcycle lighter and faster than other models of the time while also minimizing the production cost in a time between wars. This motorcycle had a successful production for almost 30 years and the British brand brought it back in 2019. The 2019 Triumph Speed Twin reflects all the heritage of the first model of the late 30s in its look while masterfully combining it with the comforts of 21st century technology.

triumph speed twin

The Triumph Speed Twin 2019: Timeless classic

As the comeback of a classic motorcycle focused on speed and performance, the 2019 Triumph Speed Twin follows the same steps with a liquid-cooled 1200cc parallel twin engine, updated to follow new regulations making it more efficient and cleaner for the environment. This motorcycle weights 432 lb., has a seat height of 31.8 in., and an overall height of 43.7 in. The forward position of the foot pegs paired with a narrow handlebar and a low seat give this motorcycle a more upright riding position than other similar motorcycles.

As part of the modern classic series, the 2019 Triumph Speed Twin prioritizes a retro look reminiscent of the first motorcycle from the 30s, the Triumph Speed Twin 2019 has a simple and elegant dual-tone design available in Silver Ice and Storm Grey, Korosi Red and Storm Grey, or in all Jet Black. The electronic components, like the riding modes: Sport, Road, and Rain, LCD panels, LED turn signals, and USB charging socket under the seat are cleverly integrated so as not to disrupt the retro look.

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Customizing a 2019 Speed Twin

Personal designs

This 2019 motorcycle has a classic style, simple lines, and an overall minimalistic approach in its design. With an impressive performance and a classic silhouette, the Speed Twin is an ideal base for a customization.

On every customization project our team drafts a new design with the client to bring to life the exact design they have in mind. For every modern classic we are able to customize, we also create new parts and accessories, this helps our catalog of exclusive custom parts to grow with every project.


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