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2022 Triumph Speed Twin

The 2022 Triumph Speed Twin is the latest model the British brand has presented of this iconic motorcycle. Aptly named, this motorcycle is all about speed and performance, with a long history that began all the way back in the late 30s, this modern interpretation offers the comfort of the latest technology.

triumph speed twin

Speed Twin 2022: Superb

Since its launch, the Triumph Speed Twin has undergone several modifications and updates in its technology while also maintaining the classic sport look of the models from the 30s. The 2022 Speed Twin has a powerful 1200cc parallel twin engine, an ode to the first speed twin which introduced the parallel engine, but updated to the new emission regulations, making it cleaner and more efficient. The Triumph Speed Twin 2022 sticks with a simple color scheme of Red Hopper, Jet Black, or Matt Storm Grey, with a simple design of the classic logo on the side of the fuel tank and the rest of elements in black and chrome to complete the look.

speed twin

2022 Speed Twin: Breitling

This Speed Twin is a special edition motorcycle made in collaboration with the Swiss watch brand Breitling. The 2022 Speed Twin Breitling adds a series of elements alluding to the luxury watch brand, such as the perforated leather seat with the Breitling logo, which is also found in the engine cases, the instruments with watch styling, a numbered plaque on the handlebar, and the eye-catching blue paint, the same used on the Thunderbird back in 1951, with hand painted details in black.

speed twin

2022 Triumph Speed Twin: Custom parts

This 2022 Speed Twin gathers the best of modern technology and the silhouette of a classic motorcycle, making it a perfect candidate for a customization. The minimalistic design leaves room for creativity to step in, a customization of this model can accentuate the classic style or completely modernize it. With over 100 customization projects, we have yet to see two motorcycles alike.


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