2020 Triumph Street Twin

2020 Triumph Street Twin is a popular motorcycle presented by the British brand in 2016. Not long after its launch, this motorcycle became one of the fastest selling models of the modern classics. As the rest of the motorcycles of the series, the Street Twin seamlessly combines the timeless look of the models of the 60s whit the comforts of modern technology. Part of its immense popularity is due to the fact that even being the most affordable model of the bunch, this motorcycle does not lose an ounce of performance or style. The 2020 Triumph Street Twin is the highlight of a year that most would rather forget.

triumph street twin

The 2020 Street Twin:A classic reinvented

Besides becoming the best-selling modern classic, the 2020 Triumph Street Twin is also the model with the wider range of buyers of all ages, experience level, and gender. This may be thanks to the lower seat, which makes it more accessible to all riders, as well as the competitive price, and the impeccable performance. This motorcycle is based on the legendary Bonneville models and has a pretty familiar looking 900cc liquid-cooled parallel twin engine with increased 65 HP and torque. The 2020 model also increased its service interval from 8.000 to 10.000 miles.

The 2020 Triumph Street Twin has a stripped-down look, is lighter and smaller than other motorcycles of the series. This year model has a claimed dry weight of 436.5lbs., a sear height of 29.9 in., and a height without mirrors of 43.9 in. With minimal accessories and a simple design, this motorcycle has an elegant range of colors and is available in Korosi Red, Matt Ironstone, and the classic Jet Black.

Customizing the Triumph Street Twin 2020 with Tamarit:Exclusive design

The 2020 Triumph Street Twin has been presented as “built to customize,” the stripped back style and simple design leave a clean silhouette that is easily personalized into the classic styles, the Cafe Racer being the most commonly chosen with this bike. Over the years we have made over one hundred customization projects with the Street Twin, and the rest of the models of the modern classics, as a base motorcycle. Our team makes sure to work with the client on every step of the process to create a unique and personal design. At the end of the day, a good customization tells a personal story.


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