Hawkers One Motorcycle

A caferacer bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Hawkers One story

Halfway through April 2017, Alejandro Coves, in charge of the marketing & publishing area of the successful company Hawkers, contacted with Tamarit Motorcycles. The reason of the contact was to customise a motorcycle for that company. During that time was a huge commercial chance, working a motorcycle for the company that only in a few years became a online market global benchmark.

The day after, the Tamarit Motorcycles crew turned up at the Hawkers office to listen Alejandro’s idea in mind. And was precisely to introduce a motorcycle symbolising the collaboration between two brands, Hawkers and el Ganso.

We just had 25 days to carry the design and makeover out. It was a close cut, but we strive for finishing before deadline. The hard part was not getting the motorcycle ready on that short period of time, but the slow pace of communication with such an enormous company, taking into account that each step should be approved by different stratums of the company and that fact slowed down the working process remarkably.

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We started the project by presenting the motorcycle design, and once we got the thumbs up, the budget was approved and so the contract was signed to begin with the makeover of a Triumph Thruxton 900, the motorcycle chosen by Hawkers for the Ganso collaboration.

After several contacts with different suppliers, we found the perfect motorcycle that we were looking for. Only within a day, our Tamarit Crew travelled to Salamanca to pick the Thruxton 900 up. Once the motorcycle was checked, we came back to Alicante to undergo its transformation. When the Thruxton 900 arrived to our headquarters, only 10 working days remained to strip the motorcycle down, receive the parts such as tires or replacement and finally making the transformation. Moreover, there wasn’t any margin of error concerning the paintjob.

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Alejandro from Hawkers was pretty positive, he wanted a cafe racer mixture between the motorcycles Mr Kevin and Black Moustache.

The Eliminator kit of the rear fender, our Jarama seat, stainless steel chain guard, small turning signals and the astonishing Ohlins shock absorbers were featured on the back of the motorcycle. Regarding the exhausts, Papillon were chosen (not the most comfortable, but the best looking ones). Drilled side covers and our belly pan appeared in the middle part of the motorcycle.

Some of the parts to be set on the front of the motorcycle were: short fender, a Mr. Kevin fairing, the grill, Koso speedometer and rear view mirrors on the grips. About the mechanical part of the job there were tasks to complete as well: relocation of the ignition key switch, electrical system simplification, tune the engine up and liquids and filters change due the engine was previously dismantled to be painted.

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Painting time arrived with almost no time or margin of error either, as mentioned before. There were a total of 7 parts to paint, some of them with three different colours and some graphic designs along with the engine and the valve covers.

Finally we were able to deliver the Triumph bike in time and to introduce it during the opening in Madrid of El Ganso shop, as well as our headquarters in Elche.

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