Weybridge Motorcyle

A cafe racer bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Weybridge story

Every time a project seems to be confirmed by our clients and lands on the Tamarit Office desk, a little expectation is created about how would be the new garage entry. “What bike does the client have?”, “Any style that he likes?” “What are his/her favourite colours?” are many of the usual questions that run around the office on the previous moments of the final confirmation that the project would definitely take place. Jordi came to us by the end of the summer with the firm intention of joining the family of Tamarit by putting his name in our Wall Of Fame. He had a dream, joining the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride of Valencia riding a unique motorcycle built by Tamarit Motorcycles and, from our side, we would put all our efforts to make that dream come true.

There were many problems from the very beginning. Most important, delivery schedule, which would be barely a half than usually are these kind of projects. In addition, the fact that Jordi’s vision of the project was still somehow blurry since he wanted to apply on the motorcycle of his dreams a little bit of everything. He wanted an Scrambler concept bike at the beginning, but also wanted to install some Café Racer elements on the motorcycle, since he didn’t want to miss the chance of including something classic and elegant on it in conjunction with the aggressive Scrambler essence. Crossover bikes, that is, bikes that gather several elements from many trends or styles are usually risky projects at least, which that mixture results in a great somersault or in a bunch of unrelated parts hard to digest.

Each bike is one of a kind.

Triumph custom works made under the client’s requests.

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You don’t always have the chance of projecting a “Mr. Kevin” and succeed, so the ghost of the doubt lingered around the Project Department of Tamarit Motorcycles for a while. We truly wanted to satisfy the client needs, but at the same time we didn’t want to take that many risks. Finally, taking as an starting point many of the latest projects, we decided the parts to install on a second-hand Bonneville that was found on very good condition for being the donor bike for this project.

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Guildford and Titan were the main inspiration for this new project, and a new concept was born from the union of those two bikes just to be set on Jordi’s bike, which would include elements from both sides of the border. Moreover, the Mr. Kevin nose fairing was added as a distinguished touch, a part that hasn’t been installed on any project since the already far in time Hawkers One.

Weybridge’s showcase

One of the parts that we enjoy the most is the showcase party night, once the project is finished, we summon everyone to our showroom to have a beer and some snacks and to support the client’s new motorcycle. The client itself is the one who always have to pull the lever to discover his new dream bike, surrounded by all the modern classic motorcycle community.

Nevertheless, we didn’t have any showcase for Weybridge, since it was a very quick project that turned out to be one of our most elegant bikes in our garage. If you saw a beautiful dark Blue Triumph Bonneville riding around Valencia during the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2018, you met Weybridge then!

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So be it, the nose fairing and the always great headlight grill were installed on the front part of the motorcycle, as well as the usual replacement and relocation of speedometers, switches and gauges. We installed the regular little speedometer of our previous projects with the same great results. An element almost essential on every Café Racer build are the clip-ons, and Jordi didn’t want to miss his date with tradition, and finally told us to install this part as well to provide the motorcycle a classic and distinguished look.

On the middle section we can find a heavy reference to our previous Triumph bikes projects, the Guildford Side Covers, shaped and custom painted for the occasion, and also Titan has to say something on this project, because it was added on the underside of the motorcycle the belly pan “The Son”, which had great acceptance both on particular and professional clients of the Café Racer collective. This middle section would be completed with the aluminum footrests and the part that always steals the show, the 2 in 1 Bocanegra exhaust system, providing that great look that had as well previous works like RONIN, LA VIRGEN or D. FRANKLIN.

On the rear part of the motorcycle was included the lately handy Tramontana kit, which cuts down the frame of the motorcycle and includes a little fender along a double comfy seat that has already make several clients very happy on projects such as Niza and Belharra.

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Talking about the paint, Jordi wanted a colour that above all, would give class and grace off, but without having to land in the usual Black. Finally the chosen colour was a metallic night blue that goes all around the bike, in exception of the One belly pan, which would be painted as a contrast in grey with golden and blue stripes to match the rest of the general design.

The motorcycle was nicknamed as Weybridge, a little village at the Surrey district, south of England, where our friend Jordi lived for a certain period of time, getting great sensations and memories it seems.

There won’t be two equal bikes.

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