T100 specs

Named after the motorcycles the British brand manufactured between 1959 and 1970, the T100 model was relaunched in the 2000s. Easily recognized by its simplicity and elegance, the T100 specs have an impressive performance and this bike is the perfect access point to the Bonneville world.

With a long history and a classic style, this Bonneville is one of the most popular models among modern classic enthusiasts.

T100 specs

Engine: 900cc parallel twin

Suspension: 41mm cartridge forks and twin rear suspension units

Brakes: Brembo front caliper and Nissin rear caliper

Wheels: 32-spoke wire wheels

Tires: Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp

Wet Weight: 503 lb.

The T100 specs have been updated and improved over the many years this motorcycle has been around, adapting to new restrictions, technological innovations, and changes in style, managing not only to remain relevant, but also to be one of the most iconic motorcycles of all time.

Triumph Bonneville T100 specs

Powerful engine

As specified on the previous table, the T100 has a 900cc parallel twin engine, which is now lighter and with higher power and performance. The Triumph Bonneville T100 specs have been modified to be compliant with the new Euro 5 regulations, this Triumph Motorcycle can be defined as clean, generating less emissions and lowering its consumption, all without losing power.

bonneville t100

T100 Bonneville specs

Different options

The overall style of the T100 has remained classic and elegant through the years, with a simple silhouette and basic accessories. The 2021 model can be personalized in lucerne blue, white, carnival red, and jet black with hand painted details.

The Bonneville T100 is easily recognized for its classic frame, but when talking about customizations we have seen all colors and combinations that manage not to lose that classic touch.

Bonneville T100 specs


The technology of this motorcycle is strategically incorporated to go hand in hand with the classic style. The T100 specifications has two clocks with an analogue speedometer and tachometer and LCD multifunction displays, USB port charge, and LED rear light.

One of the less talked about T100 feature is the ergonomic low dual seat that offers a comfortable riding position.

The T100 specs make this a perfect motorcycle for a customization, with a versatile style and extraordinary performance, we can modify this motorcycle into any style and add a personal design. We have worked with many T100 and know that there are no two customizations alike.


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