Triumph Bonneville T120 modifications

The Triumph is an iconic motorcycle that has been around since the 50s. This model has an emblematic classic style and a great performance. The Bonneville is one of the most popular models of the British brand and it has been manufactured for three generations.

The latest models were only launched a few years ago and they managed to combine the classic look with the latest technology. The latest news we had of the Triumph T120 modifications was in 2021.

Customizing a motorcycle is modifying its components to create a new design. Part of the process is adding, removing, or even developing new parts and accessories to create something unique and personal. Some of our latest Triumph T120 mods are the following ones.

triumph bonneville t120

Triumph T120 modifications

Projet #90, B52

Project # 90 is a Bonneville T120 that has been completely modified to better fit into the Brat Style. With a unique, classy, and imposing style, from the engine to the wheel rims nothing has been left as it was.

The design on this motorcycle is a vertical line in gradient that can be seen on the tank and side cover. The chosen colors were yellow and black, and the mechanical components have been nickel plated. A new bigger sump guard, a lenticular rim, and an exclusive seat complete the look of this customization.

triumph bonneville t120 brat style tamarit b52

Triumph T120 mods

Projet #78, Thin Blue Line

The dual seat on this motorcycle along the wide handlebar make project #78 a very comfortable one for long rides without losing the classic, elegant look.

Thin Blue Line has a simple and classic look and, very adept to its name, combines the colors blue and white to create a simple and beautiful design, with details in chrome and black.

Triumph Bonneville T120 modifications

Projet #52, Black Pearl

This motorcycle was also customized in the Bonneville Brat Style, which shows us how different a same style can be interpreted and that no two Triumph Motorcycles are alike. With Back as the main protagonist of this modification, the final result is a discreet, but yet imposing motorcycle.

triumph bonneville t120 brat style tamarit black pearl

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