Hidalgo Motorcyle

A scrambler style bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Hidalgo story

Despite that after forty projects delivered this would sound as pure cliché, Tamarit Motorcycles doesn’t empty their working head from ideas, designs, sketches, complements to install, new techniques, styles and ways to innovate. Always trying to get out from the common and to drop as many jaws as possible when we lift the veil that covers our latest project during the infamous showcase parties held at our packed showroom.

Since quite a long time the idea of making a 70’s style Scrambler has been lingering around the workshop, a motorcycle with the seat split in two, the rear part above the fender and a floating number plate around a powerful knobby tyres. It was basically an already conceived project lacking of a client that wanted to acquire it and get Tamarit Motorcycles to work, something really hard to find since as you may know, the Scrambler is the concept least popular among the three great families that provide Tamarit: Café Racer, Brat Style and Scrambler.

Client and business met at the country – estate of Victor located in Mérida, where the first handshake were held and the contract sign took place. It was time then for meeting the lady: Victor’s scrambler already included certain modifications, but he wanted to give the motorcycle a radical makeover, so he gave Tamarit full powers on the project just to be completely surprised.

It has to be mentioned that such a stance taken by the client could be a double edged sword quite dangerous, since on one hand we love to work with certain freedom and lack of restraints, but on the other hand the client’s satisfaction is paramount for us, and as how the spanish saying goes: “Your money, your rules”. Therefore, margin of error should be extremely reduced on this scenarios as well. After 42 clients and 42 different relationships, we would have never thought that the client never take opinion on the designs and colours for the motorcycle.

Our clients never cease to amaze us and to provide us always new and rewarding challenges.

Each bike is one of a kind.

Triumph custom works made under the client’s requests.

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Once the bike was loaded on the truck and back to the Valencian Community coast, where the Tamarit HQ is placed, the motorcycle known as Hidalgo, as a tribute to the owner, it was equipped with basically everything that a bomb proof Tamarit Scrambler could have: two powerful mudguards (the famous “Grand Bastard” at the front and on the rear the previously mentioned custom fender that is combined with the seat split in two), our Hummer sump guard made of stainless steel and the new chaincover 2.0 also made in stainless steel.

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About the imported parts to install on the Triumph bike, it was all-in as well and Hidalgo was equipped with the vanguard regarding quality and technology. On the low side of the front two PIAA fog lamps were installed providing the bike a nice feature. The wiring a every electronic device was imported by Motogadget, such as switches, turning signals, flashes, front panel, ECU were bought to the germans. About the exhaust system, we chose a powerful and intimidating pipes by the italian firm ZARD, with clearly an scrambler accent and the handlebar is from the well-known brand Renthal.

Hidalgo’s showcase

One of the parts that we enjoy the most is the showcase party night, once the project is finished, we summon everyone to our showroom to have a beer and some snacks and to support the client’s new motorcycle. The client itself is the one who always have to pull the lever to discover his new dream bike, surrounded by all the modern classic motorcycle community.

Hidalgo, just like the Titán project, was released to the public for the first time at the Irons Café Racer in Madrid, which was packed again to have a close look to the last Tamarit creation along with the lucky owner, who had the pleasure to unveil the motorcycle and fire it up with full throttle in front everyone.

The motorcycle was presented in our showroom back in Elche as well along with the Rubi project, a project you will read very soon no only here at our website, but also on every Cafe Racer specialized site worldwide.

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Obviously, the full shock absorbing system for this scrambler style motorcycle was entirely bought to the all-mighty swedish ÖHLINS and the tyres would be none but the powerful Continental TKC80.

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When it came the time for the paint we found ourselves in a little crossroads. Since we got no info nor feedback from the client, we should find the perfect balance between something out of the common but without taking too many risks. Therefore, an elegant contrast between dark shades and chrome with classic white and red racing shapes was chosen. An aesthetic detail that we really liked it was the inclusion of the polished engine covers, with the striped design brushed and the valve covers painted on the same chrome shade as the fuel tank sides.

There won’t be two equal bikes.

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