Ruby Motorcycle

A Triumph custom bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Ruby’s story

Among every Tamarit Motorcycle project up to date, it’s obvious that will be clients who would embrace a motorcycle more than the other, an style more than other since at the end of the day one man’s hell is another man’s heaven. But considering all the list of the Tamarit creations, apart from the tastes of ecah individual, there are projects that clearly stand out because its set and style being completely different from what has been done so far. A clear example of this select group of outstanding bikes is RUBY.

The main character of this story along Ruby, is Javier, a gentleman who could be starring a tv show which tells us about the enterprises of planet-roaming spaniards all around the globe, since the route sheet of Javier goes around such exotic and far places such as New York, Hong Kong or Belgium among other places. Nevertheless, Javier loves to go back to his origins, to his homeland, and during summertime, he goes back to the Catalonian Coast where he grew up. Owner and enthusiast of several motorcycles, Javier wanted a new bike for these summer days, and he decided to task Tamarit Motorcycles the making of a unique and exclusive Triumph motorcycle.

Each bike is one of a kind.

Triumph custom works made under the client’s requests.

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After the firsts contacts where the initial idea that the client comes with is discussed and in order to narrow down the quote and amounts, the Tamarit Team met with Javier in Barcelona in order to talk in person about such a big project like this as it should. And when such modern classic motorcycle enthusist gather, the result is no other than a easy going chat and the project for a Street Tracker popped up. Focused on comfortable ride, mixed tyres and shiny colours, the street tracker turned into a pure classic project after a couple hours of relaxed conversation and a delicious lunch.

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Once the meeting concluded, the Tamarit Team went back to eastern shores from Barcelona with a dreamy situation: the donor bike already loaded on the trailer, contracts signed and sealed, the arranged amount in our pockets and the seal of approval from the client for a carte blanche regarding the motorcycle makeover. Only the design of the motorcycle and a few minor details were to be decided yet, but you know, a 6 hours drive gives you a lot of time to think.

The idea about creating a motorcycle completely different up to date has been always floating around the heads of Tamarit Motorcycles since until this time, we’ve been able to get our clients satisfied with a few preconceived styles as Café Racer, Brat Style or Scrambler, but this time was the first timer for a concept completely different, a situation where Tamarit Motorcycles wasn’t involved since several years ago..

Ruby’s showcase

Ruby was presented in our showroom along the Scrambler project Hidalgo, which was built basically during the same time at the TMRT workshop. For Tamarit Motorcyles has been a huge pleasure to make a simultaneous showcase at the same time for two of our best projects ever appearing in our catalogue.

Obviusly the reactions were pretty quick the general opinion was pointing towards “Ruby is now the most beautifull motorcycle ever made by Tamarit Motorcycles”. Fortunately, Javier was there with his old lady, and they could fire up the motorcycle for the first time in front of all the Tamarit Motorcycles community.

Here’s a little anecdote: Quique, our CEO, could smuggle the bike into the hotel where Javier and family where staying for the night, who came all the way down to Elche just for this party. He was enormously surprised to discover that he wouldn’t see the bike for the first time by pulling our classic veil at the middle of the showroom, but on the very Hotel check in eight hours before he expected!

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The classic bike known as Ruby, was been shaped little by little until it turned out to be a classic style / bobber motorcycle. The most noticeable part is the seat, which is split in two: the front one emulating a bicycle’s seat and the second one being set as a floating seat. Other part whose result we’ve very fond of, has been the setup of the rear light, which has been inserted into the frame with a small led, and the number plate holder has been installed vertically over the rear fender. Obviously, other of the features that clearly stands out it’s the fact that this is the lowest motorcycle ever done by Tamarit so far by changing the height of the shock absorbing bottles as low as possible.

The Triumph Bonneville used as a donor bike for this project was entirely unassembled in order to remake the frame and paint the engine block. The rest of the bike is completely chromed and covered in brass until the last inch. Other detail that we liked pretty much the result of where the side covers, made of iron completely in order to fit into the Bonneville a K&N power filters, the lookings are simply spectacular.

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Along with the chromed surfaces, the best to combine is an ivory pale white that results in a shiny piece of machinery, a color mix only possible on a custom bike. As cherry on top and following up this series of unreleased items in our garage, Ruby was equipped with the Victory Vintage tyres, totally retro tyres harmonizing with the rest of the motorcycle.

Ruby was released along with Hidalgo, during a double-motorcycle showcase inside our Showroom, which as always, summoned such amount of Triumph bikes that the pavement was blocked again by classic motorcycles. But the surprise wasn’t on the streets, but inside Tamarit, where Ruby was widely praised for its Triumph custom style, the first timer here in our garage that we expect to work with again very soon.

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