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The bike number 73 of Tamarit Motorcycles

A black nickel finish bike

A premium finish that has been achieved thanks to a black nickel plating all over the bike.

In this project an exclusive black nickel bath has been applied to all parts of the bike, achieving a high quality finish. The bike is, thanks to this finish, within the premium style of Triumph motorcycle transformations.

Incorporation of Kineo tires

Something that stands out in this project is the incorporation of Kineo wheels, which improve the performance and behavior of the bike.

“Where my horse trots, the grass will not grow again”

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Related to the mentioned before, the name of Othar is inspired by the famous horse of Atila, which is known by a famous phrase that made reference to the fact that wherever the equine stepped, the grass would never grow again. Standing out its strong and decisive footsteps, just like its homonym in Tamarit.

Straight handlebars for a more aggressive look

A more aggressive aesthetic, but enhancing the comfort and usability of the bike.

Another point that stands out in this transformation is the straight handlebar that has been added to give a more aggressive look. And aesthetics is not its only virtue, as it is a comfortable and manageable bike.

Emptying of electronics, Tamarit style

Relocation of the original wiring in a small box under the seat.

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Something that has become standard in Tamarit’s latest projects is the emptying and relocation of the original wiring. For the relocation of this wiring, a small box was created that can be accessed under the seat.

Speedometer inserted in the tank

Speedometer inserted in the tank for a cleaner finish.

Othar has included an essential, the Motogadget speedometer, but this time it has been integrated into the tank for a cleaner and more minimalist finish.

Delivery of Othar in Marbella

Tamarit went to Marbella to make a little surprise to the owner of the bike #73, Pablo.

The delivery of Othar was special, this time part of the Tamarit team went to Marbella to make a little surprise to the owner of the bike #73, Pablo. Taking advantage of the fact that the client did not know us in person, we met him at a dealership and after a little joke, we gave him his bike, Othar. His wife was part of this little surprise to celebrate Father’s Day, undoubtedly a day he will not forget.

Othar details

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