Triumph Bonneville Brat Style

The Triumph Bonneville Brat Style is a bike for city-riding, as it manages to gather two concepts: the polyvalence of the Triumph Bonneville range, featuring a high adaptability to every scenario, and the Brat Style, which perfectly adapts the bike for an urban use.

This combination of model and style is the most popular among the customers who have already done an exclusive build project for their Bonnie.

Triumph Bonneville Brat Style Specs

A Triumph Bonneville Brat Style is known by its comfort in a day-to-day use in short distances, especially when we are talking about a swift ride in the city. An upright posture and a friendly handlebar fitted in a natural position are the main pros this bike offers once it has been built.

No doubt one of the non-negotiable features for a bike of this style is the exhaust system. This exhaust shall be always located far from the rider, as close as possible to the ground, just the opposite of what happens in all-terrain bikes. Being a style which is clear of the non-regular surfaces, it can afford having the exhausts in the downside for aesthetic reasons, in contrast with the Scrambler style. In those, the exhaust are located as high as possible in order to avoid damaging.