Guilford Motorcycle


Guildford’s story:

At the beginning of the year, a close friend of us called because he wanted to introduce us a group of individuals who had a brand going on, we didn’t know the reason nor the meaning, but we quickly arranged a meeting the very same evening at our place. To our surprise, that group of gentlemen were the boys from Pompei, a brand we already knew for good and for quite a long time. The reason of the meaning is not important on this issue, and we welcomed the four owners of the company at TMRT Headquarters and among them there was Cosme, the designer. We got along pretty well and quickly with him and we kept contact after the meeting. Cosme was interested on buying a motorcycle but didn’t know which one. He was hesitating between a custom makeover or a brand new Yamaha (obviously there’s no comparison) and after a few calls and meetings we convinced Cosme to get the right choice ( a Triumph ).

A couple of months after, while introducing a motorcycle in Madrid (the Titán project), we met Cosme, only to discover that he got a new job as a designer for “El Ganso”, which many of you would ring a bell since it was one of the brands involved in the collaboration project along with Tamarit , Hawkers and El Ganso: Hawkers One.

Regarding Cosme we had to search for a bike around the second hand market because he didn’t have a bike during that moment, but it couldn’t be a Thruxton 1200 or a T120 (the ones we would’ve liked to work with) but a powered-down bike since he didn’t have the proper license. Nevertheless, despite that little issue, he had a very clear idea about what he wanted, a comfortable and urban ride, and above all, a classic look.

After exchanging dozens of ideas and designs between office and client, Cosme finally decided de the design of the project to carry. It’s true that is extremely easy to choose between colours, shapes and designs if they are for other person, but when it comes to choose something for yourself (considering that it’s going to be your own motorcycle) , things get really tricky because it’s definitely not like going to the Authorized Car Dealer and choosing between 4 or 5 colours available. On Tamarit projects you have at your disposal every color on earth available so, the more you have to choose, the bigger gets the problem!

Guildford specifications:

  • Model: Bonneville
  • Year: 2009
  • Manufacturer: Triumph
  • Capacity: 800
  • Exhaust: Bocanegra
  • Grips: Biltwell
  • Seat: Jerez
  • Tyres: Heidenau
  • Triumph parts – Tamarit Motorcycles:  Guildford side covers, Bocanegra exhausts, One Headlight grill, Tramontana Seat, Chaincover, Hummer sump guard.  
  • Design and Paint: Tamarit Motorcycles.

In order to get something classy and urban, the obvious choice was a Clubman handlebar, keeping the stock headlight with our classic The One headlight grill and the de Four Line brackets. The front is completed with the New Little Bastard, the Shinyo Speedometer, the stunning turning signals at the end of the grip made by Motogadget, rearview mirrors and the usual relocation of the electrical regulator.

Other parts that were included were the always magnificent Hummer sump guard, a Motone fuel tank cap, our new chaincover and the new seat Tramontana, which will be available at our website very soon. This interesting pack consists of : Seat, rear fender, 25mm curve to cut down the frame, taillight with the number plate holder, nuts and bolts and reflective tiles. About the colour, Cosme decided for an English Green combined with a metallic layer emulating a brushed aluminum with golden stripes.

¿Interested in Guilford?

This motorcycle is one of the multiple projects that our clients have commissioned us. Tamarit Motorcycles works with 3 project models: the first, the client sends his Triumph Motorcycle to be modified. In the second, the client is responsible to Tamarit both the purchase and the modification of the motorcycle. And finally, the latest project model is to acquire a motorcycle in stock and modified by Tamarit Motorcycles.