Brat Style is a style whose design is adapted to the most urban life – a very recurring concept within our makeover garage, as most of our clients choose it as a project, giving priority to a daily use of their bikes.


“The motorbike as a perfect and functional figure of urban use, without any loss of aesthetic of distinction which is required in this kind of builds”.


Brat Style definition

The Brat Style is a bike build style originated in Japan a few decades ago. It is not purely intended for benefiting the speed as the Café Racer style is, but the comfort in riding on urban areas, whilst it also eases the ride on the road.

It is a recurring option for those not used to ride motorbikes and who prefer a more comfy way to go from home to work, without giving up with their passions for the two-wheeled vehicles.


Brat Style origin

As mentioned before, the Brat Style comes from the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan, and consists of a hybrid style that can generate a bit of confusion, as mixes elements and features of both the classic bike and the Bobber.

Within this style, also known as Japan Style, we observe that the Brat Style bikes are stripped of all the unnecessary parts, so we get a purer, softer and more agile bike. This also make them a lot smaller than the American Bobber bikes, getting them closer to the Café Racer Modern Classic style.


Brat Style bikes

Brat Style bikes are usually recognized by its medium capacity, with a vintage and classic touch. As we mentioned, the main feature of the Brat Style bike is the priority for parts or details in favor of the comfort while riding, without the need of a leaning position during the journey. The most characteristic features of this style are the small deposits, a straight seat, small headlights, wide tires and vintage-styled rims.


How we build Brat Style with Triumph engine

Triumph Brat Style is a very common choice these days among Tamarit clients, as they usually want a bike for something more than an occasional weekend getaway.

The best models for a Brat Style bike build of this kind are undoubtedly those belonging to the Triumph Bonneville family, because they are a great base for a build project thanks to their polyvalence and comfort.

The Bonneville Brat Style are always a great percentage of the finished Tamarit projects, as our clients tend to want a bike for a day-to-day use.

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