Triumph Bonneville 2007

The Triumph Bonneville 2007 is one of the most popular motorcycles of the British manufacturer. Perfectly combining timeless style with great performance and the latest technology, the Bonneville started its journey in the market in 1959 and has not stopped ever since.

As a new year arrives, so do new regulations and the updates the British brand brings us, we have highlighted some of the updates of the 2007 Triumph Bonneville.

Triumph Bonneville years

Triumph Bonneville 2007: Elegant silhouette

Triumph never fails to capture the classic style of the first motorcycles manufactured in the 50s, the performance improves with the years, and in the case of the 2007 Bonneville the engine went from 790cc to an air-cooled parallel twin 865cc engine. This Triumph bike weights 451lbs, has an overall length of 87.8 in, and a height of 43.3 in.

With a very minimalistic style and an elegant silhouette, the 2007 Triumph Bonneville adds a stylish black engine with lacquered covers, and several chrome and black elements to complete the look. Available in Jet Black or White with the always present logo on the side of the fuel tank.

triumph bonneville t120

Triumph Bonneville 2007: Bonneville T100

The Bonneville T100 model is one of the motorcycles that we see more often in the shop. The versatility of this model, which makes it a perfect motorcycle for customization, does not exclude the fact that it also has the classic atemporal style so characteristic of all the Bonneville models.

The 2007 Triumph Bonneville is a motorcycle with a weight of 451lbs, an overall length of 87.8 in, and a seat height of 30.5 in., similar specs as the previous model. The dual-color design on the fuel tank is available in black/white or black/dark red combinations, and takes a more edgy and modern route without being too over the top.

Triumph Bonneville 2007: Customizing your bike

The Triumph Bonneville from 2007 is a motorcycle with a long history and a lot of heritage, this gives it a very characteristic look, but these models are also very versatile. We have worked on over a 100 customization projects so far, our excellent team of professionals carefully designs every draft to perfectly capture what each client wants. Many transformed Bonneville follow a classic style, but others go in a completely different direction. As the British designer, Paul Smith, showed us in 2006 with his very original designs of the T100, there are no two motorcycles alike.


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