2012 Triumph Scrambler

The 2012 Triumph Scrambler is a classic motorcycle based on the iconic Bonneville, both manufactured by the British brand, Triumph bikes. This model was launched in 2006 and joined the modern classic series with a style inspired by motorcycles from the 50s. More specifically, from the TR6 Trophy, first presented in 1956. With a great heritage, this model combines old and new in a timeless motorcycle. Six years after its launch the Scrambler 2012 has been through some changes, these are the updates of this off-road modern classic

triumph scrambler

Triumph Scrambler 2012


The 2012 Triumph Scrambler is a modern interpretation of an old off-road motorcycle with the comforts of modern technology. This motorcycle has an air-cooled, parallel twin 865cc engine and with what would appear an old-fashioned carburetor at first, but actually is an electric fuel injection system to keep that 50s look.

This motorcycle appears to have the light frame of an off-road model, but the Scrambler 2012 is actually 507 lbs., the weight is compensated, and it does not hinder maneuverability. This motorcycle has the characteristic high twin exhausts, mixed tires, flat seat, and wide handlebars. As for the design, this Scrambler goes for an elegant monochromatic design available in Matt Khaki Green and Jet Black, with chrome and black elements to complete the look.

triumph scrambler

Scrambler 2012

Own personality

The TR6 Trophy, inspiration for the Scrambler, was manufactured from 1956 to 1973 with remarkable success. The popularity of this motorcycle was in part due to its appearance in the movie The Great Escape, where Bud Ekins, stunt double of Steve McQueen, performed a motorcycle stunt that is still considered the best one in film history. The British manufacturer has special edition motorcycles that honor both men. The 2012 Scrambler reflects the best of this motorcycle while adding its own personality.

2012 Scrambler

Off-road soul

The simple design and minimalistic elements of the 2012 Scrambler makes it a perfect motorcycle for customization. The characteristic off-road style can be accentuated with customization while also allowing it to tell a personal story. Our professional team works closely with each client from beginning to end to understand the transformation they want for their motorcycle and the best way to do it. For every project we have to create new custom parts, over the years and with every customization our catalog of parts and accessories for the Scrambler grows.


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