2014 Triumph Scrambler

The Scrambler is an off-road classic motorcycle manufactured by Triumph and first presented in 2006. Now part of the modern classics, this 2014 Triumph Scrambler combines a classic look inspired in the 50s with the comforts of modern technology. This seamless combination of old and new is what makes the Triumph Scrambler 2014 a popular motorcycle in today’s market.

triumph scrambler

Scrambler 2014

Exclusive design

Inspired by the classic motorcycle from 1956, the 2014 Scrambler adds several elements from the early model like the dual flat seat, wide handlebar, high-level twin exhaust with crossover headers, but on the opposite side of the motorcycle. The 2014 Scrambler has an 865cc parallel twin air-cooled engine and an electronic fuel injection.

The Triumph Scrambler 2014 is available in Matt Pacific Blue, and in a dual-tone design in Diablo Red and Lunar Silver. Both options have elements in black like the engine covers, and chrome like the exhausts, to complete the look. This motorcycle has a great performance mixed with an elegant design that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

triumph scrambler

Triumph Scrambler 2014


Triumph Scrambler 2014

The Triumph Scrambler 2014 takes inspiration from another motorcycle of the British brand Triumph bikes, the TR6 Trophy, manufactured from 1956 to 1973. This motorcycle became extremely popular after its appearance in the renowned film “The Great Escape” starring actor and motorist, Steve Mc Queen. The film features what is described as the best motorcycle stunt of all times, performed by also popular stunt double, Bud Ekins. Heavily involved in the motorcycle world, both men have a special edition motorcycle dedicated to them.

2014 Scrambler

Custom bikes

So far, we have worked on over 100 customizations, the 2014 Triumph Scrambler is an excellent base for customization thanks to the minimalistic approach of its design. Our expert team of designers and mechanics work closely with each client to understand the kind of customisation they want for their motorcycle and the best way to approach the project. The key to the customization is to create an exclusive design that tells a story with only one look.

We believe in specialization and only work with modern classic engines; this allows us to become experts on these motorcycles. For most of our customization projects our team develops new parts and accessories to create the exact design drafted with the client. Our catalog of custom parts for the Scrambler continues to grow every year to personalize any model into a classic style.


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