2002 Bonneville

The 2002 Bonneville is a renowned model manufactured by Triumph. We got to see the very first Bonneville motorcycle back in 1959. Over the years this motorcycle has adapted to new technology, never losing that classic style of the first motorcycles of the 60s. That combination of old and new is what makes the Triumph Bonneville one of the most popular motorcycles in the market today.

Triumph Bonneville years

2002 Bonneville: T100

The T100 is a very popular model with the characteristic classic style of all Bonneville models and an excellent performance thanks to the 865cc parallel twin engine. The Bonneville T100 from 2002 has a classy dual-tone design in blue and white.

In 2002 the British brand was to be 100 years old, as a celebration the anniversary limited edition was created with a daring “Lucifer” orange and silver design. However, just before its launch Triumph’s main factory was destroyed by fire. The special edition was based on the T100 and not many of them remained, making them very rare.

triumph bonneville t120

2002 Bonneville: Classic design

The 2002 Bonneville reminds us of the very first motorcycle presented of 1959, with a classic design and elegance of yesterday, and with a great performance given by the 790cc air-cooled parallel twin engine. This motorcycle is available in Jet Black and has chrome elements and accessories, like the wheels, engine covers, exhaust, and the always present logo on the side of the fuel tank, to complete the look.

2002 Bonneville: Customizing your Bonnie

Every Bonneville model has a tremendous personality given by the many decades of history of this motorcycle, even if the classic style is a main trait there is still a lot of room for customization.

We have transformed over 100 motorcycles so far, many of them have been Bonneville models, as they are very popular motorcycles. The customization projects start when a client contacts us with their idea and our team starts working to get the perfect final draft. Once the personalized quote is accepted and the contract is signed, our amazing team of professional mechanics starts working. More often than not, it’s necessary to develop new parts and accessories to bring the design to life exactly as we wanted, with every customization project our catalog of parts for the Bonneville grows.

If you want to know more about customizing a Bonneville from 2002, there is a more detailed section on the web that describes how we work step by step.


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