2008 Triumph Bonneville

The first time we ever saw a Bonneville was in 1959 in England, many years have passed since then, and today this motorcycle is one of the most popular models. The Bonneville has transformed over time, launching several models and special editions, maintaining the classic British style, and adding the newest technology.

Every year that passes, these motorcycles manage to show us how to successfully combine tradition and elegance with the latest technology. These are the main characteristics of the 2008 Triumph Bonneville models.

Triumph Bonneville years

Triumph Bonneville 2008 : The best combo

The Triumph Bonneville from 2008 is heavily inspired by the first motorcycles manufactured in the 60s. With a twin parallel engine, air-cooled and with an 856cc capacity, chromed mirrors, shocks, and exhaust, and cafe racer style fuel tank and fenders.

The Bonneville has a dual seat and a high handlebar that give a smooth comfortable riding position, this particular year the colors available are white, silver, and claret electric.

triumph bonneville t120

2008 Triumph Bonneville: Bonneville T100

Very similar to the previous model, the biggest difference is found in the style, the T100 is one of the models we see more often in our customization projects, this is due to their versatility. Still faithful to the traditions and classic style, this motorcycle has hand painted details on the fuel tank, chromed engine covers, and is available in a combination of colors that include different tones of black, also in white, red, silver, and green.

2008 Triumph Bonneville: Bonneville SE

The 2008 Bonneville is a special edition of the T100, so its specs are very similar to that model. The main difference in this motorcycle relies on the style, which is heavily based on the 70s.

This motorcycle has alloy engine covers and is available in blue, jet black, and white, and the fuel injection is disguised as a classic carburetor set up, to better follow that classic style. The Bonneville SE has a light frame and an 865cc parallel twin engine, which offers a smooth ride.

2008 Triumph Bonneville: Customizing your bike

As we mentioned, the Bonneville is a motorcycle with a classic heritage, this recognizable classic look can be enhanced or completely modified, adopting a more modern look. In our customization projects we work with a team of experts that work with the client to create an original and personal design.

The point of a customization is to tell a personal story and create a unique design, not two motorcycles are alike.


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