2015 Triumph Bonneville

The Bonneville is a classic motorcycle that has been around since the 50s. The 2015 Triumph Bonneville maintains its elegant style and has updated its technology through the years, staying in the market as one of the most popular classic models to this day.

The year 2015 was an especially good one for all modern classics’ enthusiasts, there were a few updates and one or two special edition motorcycles, we’ve listed some impressive Bonneville models.

Triumph Bonneville years

2015 Triumph Bonneville: Newchurch Special Edition

This motorcycle was created to commemorate the Tridays festival in Austria and the hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts that gather there to celebrate all things motorcycle. This is a noble motorcycle with a great performance and a unique design.

Every detail and accessory of this Bonneville is black, except for the fuel tank that has an exclusive design available in red/white or blue/white with hand painted details and the British brand logo on the side.

2015 Triumph Bonneville: Bonneville T100

The T100 is a versatile motorcycle with great performance and an elegant style. The 2015 Triumph motorcycle weighs 452 lbs., is 88.6 in long, and has a height of 30.5 in. This model has an air-cooled 865cc parallel twin engine, twin exhaust pipes, classic spoke wheels and a dual seat.

The T100 is inspired by the Triumph motorcycles of the 60s, it has an original design with two tone paint available in multiple color options that include orange, black, blue, white, gold and red.

triumph bonneville t120

2015 Triumph Bonneville: T100 Spirit Special Edition

Based on the T100, this motorcycle has the same specs of the model, but it is very easy to tell them apart with only a glance thanks to the design of this special edition.

The Triumph Bonneville 2015 T100 Spirit has a spectacular Blue Spirit and New England White design on the fuel tank and the rear fender that makes it impossible to look anywhere but at the motorcycle. The look is completed with a new lower exhaust

2015 Triumph Bonneville: Customizing your bike

The different 2015 Bonneville models show us that similar motorcycles with a shared history can go into completely different places when talking about design and style. Each model reflects a personal story through their accessories, parts, and paint work. That is exactly what a good customization has to do, be personal to each rider and tell their story through a unique design.


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