Triumph Bonneville

The Triumph Bonneville is possibly the most popular motorcycle among our customers, thanks to its versatility and polyvalence. Our Triumph Bonneville parts catalog allows you to modify this motorcycle in the style you want for your Triumph Bonneville neoclassic. This is our catalog of Triumph Bonneville motorcycles, transformed and customized for customers of different nationalities: Spain, USA and France. All our motorcycles works are based on Triumph Modern Classics. This is our transformed custom bikes catalog for clients of different origins.

Triumph Bonneville History

The invincible and timeless motorcycle whose essence resists the change of generations.

Defining Triumph Bonneville is like defining the immortal bike. From the very beginning, its machinery part has marked the standards for the classic bike, which others have followed and repeated ad nauseam.

The Triumph Bonneville is a versatile bike that achieves very high rates on every aspect, created in the 50s to lay the groundwork for a series of generations that span until our time.

A pioneer motorcycle, this is how the Triumph Bonneville is defined, which appeared on the market in 1959 with the 120, the last one designed by Edward Turner. Powered by a 650 cc parallel-twin with overhead valves and built to meet the demands of the American market for more power, performance and speed. A powerful and tough series bike with great adaptability to a variety of terrains and styles.

There are many who speak of 1970 as the best year for Triumph Bonneville motorcycles. A series of improvements that were adapted to achieve a model that marked the highest point of its evolution. One of the points that made this version stand out were the modifications made to the engine, which achieved a smooth power delivery and better handling at low speeds. This modification also included a more simplified chassis design and the rear shock absorbers became simple exposed springs.

Triumph Bonneville engine

Currently there are many versions of the legendary Triumph Bonneville engine. If you already know the Modern Classics range of the British brand, you probably know that there are several versions of this engine in different styles, such as the Scrambler, Thruxton or Bobber, all with their own personality and character, which ensures that you can get a bike to suit the needs of each rider. It was in 2015 when the British brand decided to launch a new Bonneville generation completely renewed and updated, designed for the XXI century.

In this new era of Triumph Bonneville engines, the famous torque-laden engine that made it shine, has a lighter crankshaft now. This modification improves engine response and reduces emissions to meet new Euro5 regulations.

triumph bonneville engine

triumph bonneville ambassadors

Triumph Bonneville generation: brand ambassadors

Another thing that has been preserved over the years are the brand values: craftsmanship, quality and personality.

Values that have been enhanced by its ambassadors, influential people such as Steve McQueen, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Bob Dylan or David Beckham, among others. This has managed to extend the brand beyond a commercial message, being a reference among those who identify with this way of life.

Triumph Bonneville Models

The Triumph Bonneville range stretches across the time with several different issues and all kinds of versions and capacities. At Tamarit Motorcycles we are focused on working with the ones that were manufactured since the beginning of the 21st century.

Triumph Bonneville Carburetor: It is the first Triumph Bonneville, launched in 2001 and manufactured till 2008, with a capacity of 865 and air-cooled. It was the first of a successful batch which brought the renaissance of the modern classic bikes.

Triumph Bonneville Injection: Also known as EFI, it includes the electronic fuel injection system, leaving behind (not for some nostalgics!) the regular carb system.

Triumph Bonneville T100: This new version of the T100 is the one that can be found in the official and authorized dealers, slightly weaker in capacity than its older sibling – but with a big step forward in performance and benefits in all areas.

Triumph Bonneville T120: It could be said for this bike that is THE one. It certainly is the most powerful Bonneville ever manufactured so far, and features all the improvements of the new liquid-cooled generation. At the same time, the T120 retains all the identity and essence of a model which made history in the modern classic bikes world. It was named in honor of the Bonneville salt flats, in Utah, where a Triumph Thunderbird set a speed record, the place had a “120” sign indicating that it could reach a speed of “one ton plus twenty”, which equals about 193 km per hour.

The largest builder of motorcycles with Triumph Bonneville engine

Tamarit’s work philosophy is reflected in the values of the British brand, in which we have specialized and completed more than 100 projects based on Triumph Bonneville engines. Thanks to our experience, we have become the largest transformer of motorcycles with Triumph engines in the world. Specialization is the main base of our way of working and the final goal is to achieve the motorcycle dreamed by our customers.

The Triumph Bonneville is, without a doubt, the most used model in our projects and of which we receive more demand from people who come to us looking for a neoclassical motorcycle. The Bonneville is the model that best represents these styles and has become a timeless icon that knows how to adapt to both classic aesthetics and the technological needs of today.

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The final projects presented in this section not only maintain the main classic aesthetic features of the era, but are combined with the most modern features and technological advances on the market. This timeless union manages to allow the creation of true works of art that are also completely functional.

Styles for Triumph Bonneville

The Triumph Bonneville is the only one from the Triumph family that can be transformed into any of the 4 big styles of Tamarit Motorcycles. Equipped not only with a design that will delight lovers of the classic, but also with the latest modern technology that will delight those who are looking for a functional and high-performance motorcycle.

These are the 4 styles in which Tamarit has realized projects:

Bonneville Cafe Racer: One of the most popular in our community, this classic bike is considered highly polyvalent as you can do with it whatever you want. Over these bikes we put a single-seater and replace the handlebar with clip-ons – On that basis alone, we would already have a Cafe Racer Bonneville. This is one of the most demanded styles by our customers, because it is the one that best fits the lines of the Triumph Bonneville. During all these years, and projects, we have developed a large number of parts designed exclusively for these engines of British origin.

Bonneville Brat Style: Its main characteristic is a comfy seat and a high handlebar to drive around the city.Along with the Cafe Racer style, and sometimes in combination, this is also a style in high demand by Bonneville riders looking for more riding comfort and an everyday urban bike.

Bonneville Scrambler: One of the priorities of this one consist in lifting the suspension, in order to get a higher bike. Also, is a common practise to place a high exhaust for the purpose of getting the characteristic look of the Scrambler.

Bonneville Dirt Track: No doubts, this style is among the less known ones. Its main characteristic is having big numbers in the sides and in the headlight, which is completely different from the stock bike.

The best Tamarit Triumph Bonneville premium motorcycles

Not all the projects that are made in our workshop are the same, we make small projects that are not presented on the web because they do not involve new concepts to present or because their modifications are not full. Above you have been able to see those projects that do require more detailed manufacturing work or that have required the development of new parts.

In the following video you can see a selection of some of the best Triumph Bonneville we have transformed.

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Triumph Bonneville frequently questions

Do I need a Triumph Bonneville for a project?

If you already have a Triumph Bonneville motorcycle, the process to start working on getting a completely unique and customized bike according to your wishes, is very simple. If you have a bike that will serve as the basis for your project, just take a look at our previous work based on a Bonneville engine to find the inspiration that will serve as a guideline for the final project.
If, instead, you do not own a Triumph Bonneville, Tamarit team will search the perfect bike for your project.


How do you pick up my Bonneville?

We pick up your Triumph Bonneville at your door, transform it and bring it back to your door. We have a transport company with which we pick up your bike from any point in the world. Tamarit takes care of everything so you can enjoy this experience without worries.


How is the transformation process of my Triumph Bonneville?

The transformation process of the Tamarit Bonneville begins with a simple form that will set the guidelines for the next meetings with the project team, after which the first sketches will begin in which you can start to see the final result of the bike. During this process, Tamarit provides support from professionals who will help you achieve the desired end result on your bike.

triumph bonneville process
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They talk about our Bonneville

In just 5 years, Tamarit has managed to become a reference in terms of transformations on motorcycles with Triumph engine. This specialization in our work has given great results, which have been echoed by both national and international media. Tamarit’s presence in the press has become usual due to the recognition granted by the different experts of the sector.

These are some of the most important media in which our transformations on Triumph Bonneville motorcycles have appeared. Here you can see what they think of our work, some of the best specialized media in the motor industry.

Testimonials from our Triumph Bonneville owners

If there is something we are proud of, it is what we call the Tamarit family. Our family is formed by all those who have trusted us to get the bike of their dreams, something we always strive to achieve.

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We want you to be part of it, so we leave you some of the testimonials of those who, like you, one day thought about starting a project with us.

Bonneville comparisons

Although the Bonneville has been and still is a reference in the neoclassic world, it is not the only option on the market. In our blog you can find comparisons of this model with many others of the best brands available in the modern two-wheeled motor scene.

Learn all the details that make the Bonneville different from bikes like the Honda CB1100 EX or the Kawasaki W800, compare their main features, engine, equipment and price.

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