La Brisa Motorcycle

A scrambler bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


La Brisa’s story

By the beginning of 2017, one cold saturday from March in particular, two people on a motorcycle passed next to our shop in Elche (Alicante). We noticed that they were looking for something, and realising that they were riding two neoclassic Triumph we worked out that they were looking for Tamarit Motorcycles, and so it was. After a few minutes, two guys equipped with helmets and jackets entered our headquarters. Yolanda, the woman working on the shop on that moment, assisted them. After breakfast was served, questions about Triumph makeovers performed by Tamarit were asked. Also the possibility of working with one of the motorcycles was mentioned.

At the same time, people in charge of the custom projects were in the house, so they could hold a brief meeting to discuss what they were looking for their Triumph motorcycles.

One of them (Mariano), told us that he owned an splendid Triumph Scrambler 900 (with barely 2000 kilometers in 6 months) and he wanted to purchase some parts for his motorcycle. The very same morning we had parked on the shop 2 motorcycles and besides, a group of friends came to our shop with their Triumph motorcycles transformed by tamarit , being two of them the owners of “La virgen” (Triumph Bonneville) and “Dalua” (Thruxton). Luckily for Mariano, he was able to check 4 of the Tamarit jobs with his very own eyes. That morning no deal was clinched, but a budget for a hypothetical project with Tamarit was given.

Each bike is one of a kind.

Triumph custom works made under the client’s requests.

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Once the client called us to tell he wanted to initiate the makeover process for his Triumph bike, we put all hands on deck. The customer wanted to keep the Triumph Scrambler essence but also wanted a more urban motorcycle to ride through Benidorm. When all ideas were cleared and we knew what the client wanted and doesn’t, we presented a few sketches for the project.
Mariano was sure about two issues, one was the colour, which should be blue and the other one was the name, that shall mention the little hotel he managed in Benidorm with the same name.

With the project approved and ready to begin, first of all was to remove the terribly long fender that every Triumph come with on its rear part, right after the front fender and turning signals, which were also removed. We wanted a front part clearer, a smaller headlight, rear view mirrors, handlebar, metallic springs between the steering stems and above all we wanted to replace the default speedometers with a tiny Motogadget.

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Losing the Scrambler essence was never our intention, so we set the Papillon exhaust pipes as well as our Hummer sump guard, covering the chassis and giving to the whole thing a toughness that we just adore.
On the rear part, we opted for our Tarifa set, which brings an urban and dynamic looking to it, a Brat style, with the plain seat and upholstered on brown leather without forgetting that should be room for two on the seat. Other parts chosen for the Brisa makeover where the grips, the side cover, the custom numbered plate and ohlins shock absorbers.

As mentioned, the colour decided by the client left barely no room for improvisation, it had to be blue and we opted for an elegant indigo blue and some other minor details in turquoise in order to achieve a fresh and mediterranean look. Especially taking into account that the motorcycle should always be parked at 50 meters from the seashore.

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Brisa was presented as always, at Tamarit Motorcycles, announcing the event through the social networks in order to our clients could attend such an special day for us. Hugh disappointment for us was the fact that the owner couldn’t come to the event because he was abroad.
We decided to give him a little surprise, taking advantage of his absence and with some of the hotel employees collaboration, we managed to park the motorcycle inside his office. What could be better that after several weeks abroad, find your motorcycle right inside your office?

Quite a pleasant surprise for Mariano, we were certain that he loved it.

There won’t be two equal bikes.

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