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Virtual Triumph Motorcycle Customizer

Tamarit Motorcycles brings the first specialized configurator, created specifically to personalize Triumph Modern Classics.

The Modern Classics are elegant and timeless motorcycles created by the giant British brand. By using the virtual motorcycle customizer, you can start with one of these bikes and create a unique and personalized motorcycle.

What is a Virtual Motorcycle Customizer?

A virtual motorcycle customizer is an interactive online tool that allows the user to visualize a specific motorcycle model, modify some characteristics and add the desired parts and accessories. You can see each modification made with the configurator immediately, and you can change everything you don’t like in one simple step.


Available models on the Virtual Motorcycle Customizer

In Tamarit Motorcycles we work with a very specific group of Triumph Motorcycles, the Modern Classic. As we work only with them, these are the models you can find in our free virtual motorcycle customizer:

  • Triumph Thruxton
  • Triumph Bonneville
  • Triumph Street Twin

How to use the Virtual Motorcycle Customizer?

The motorcycle customizer is really intuitive and easy to use; you only have to follow these steps:

  1. First, you have to select the model you want to modify: Thruxton, Bonneville or Street Twin.
  2. Then, you have to choose the color for the bike between the ones available on the configurator.
  3. On a third step, you select the parts compatible with the chosen model. The configurator starts with the parts that go on the back of the motorcycle and then moves towards the front.
  4. Finally, you get to see the end product. You can always change each part and accessory if it doesn’t work with the rest of the bike.


Available parts on the Virtual Motorcycle Customizer?

There are more than 150 parts and accessories available on the motorcycle customizer. Some of those parts are made on Tamarit Motorcycles and others are made by the most recognized brands.

Once you choose a model on the virtual motorcycle customizer, the parts you will see on the screen are the ones compatible with that model. This way, we avoid the use of some parts that latter may not fit on the bike.

The colors you can choose on the motorcycle customizer are the original colors from the English brand. Once you select a color on the configurator, each one of the parts (that can be painted) will match that color.

Reasons to use de Virtual Motorcycle Customizer:

There are several reasons to use the free virtual motorcycle customizer. The main goal of this online tool is to allow the user to see instantly every change made on the motorcycle.

The configurator is also very useful if you want to make a full modification of your motorcycle, but you don’t know where to start. It also helps on the complete opposite situation, if you have too many ideas and can’t put them in order.

And finally, the configurator can also be used to see how a specific part would look on your bike.