2010 Triumph Bonneville

Over the last years the British brand has presented new models and has updated the classics. The 2010 Triumph Bonneville manages to combine the characteristic classic style of an old-time Bonneville with the comfort of modern innovation.

The Bonneville is an iconic motorcycle manufactured by the British giant, Triumph. The first model we ever saw of this motorcycle was in the second half of the 50s. The Triumph Bonneville was launched in different generations, with great popularity in the 70s and a revival in the early 2000s, this motorcycle is still incredibly popular today.

2010 Triumph Bonneville: A bit of history

The Bonneville is the entry point of this model, a motorcycle that carries half a century of tradition and excellent engineering. The Triumph Bonneville 2010 is available in the always elegant colors black or white, it has a powerful 865cc parallel twin engine, and has an injection system cleverly hidden as an old-fashioned carburetor.

Minimalistic and elegant, this motorcycle combines a classic style with the latest technology.

triumph bonneville t120

Triumph Bonneville 2010: T100 50th Anniversary

The first Bonneville was first launched 1959, which means, that technically speaking, the anniversary was in 2009. The British brand did not forget about the date and did release a motorcycle painted in the original colors of the first model.

However, the 2010 Triumph Bonneville is also an anniversary motorcycle, this time painted in the creme and blue, the color of the Bonneville in 1960. So, we could say that the T100 50th Anniversary actually celebrates the second year of the Bonneville.

Triumph Bonneville years

Bonneville T100: 2010 Triumph Bonneville

The T100 is one of the most popular models today, it also has an undeniable tradition and all the comfort of today’s innovation. This motorcycle also has an 865cc parallel twin engine, which gives an excellent performance and a throaty acceleration. Its classic style has a simple and elegant dual tone design on the fuel tank, available in black and white, or a more daring red and silver.

2010 Triumph Bonneville: Bonneville SE

The SE does not shy away from the classic heritage present in all Bonneville models. This motorcycle has very similar specs as the previous models but adds some elements like the alloy engine covers and the matching speedometer and tachometer. This motorcycle is also slightly lower and wider. The Bonneville SE has an elegant dual tone design on the fuel tank of a partial horizontal line that separates the colors, which can be black/white or blue/beige.


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