2003 Triumph Bonneville T100

The Triumph Bonneville is one of the most emblematic motorcycles of the British manufacturer and, with a long history, it still is an incredibly popular motorcycle today. These motorcycles manage to effortlessly combine decades of tradition in a classic style with the latest technology.

2003 was an important year for the British brand, it was a new start after their factory was destroyed by fire the previous year. This factory held the special 100th anniversary T100. Not many of those motorcycles were left and the production restarted with the 2003 Triumph Bonneville T100.

2003 Triumph Bonneville T100: Excellent performances

The 2003 Triumph Bonneville T100 is a combination of classic style and great performance given by the 865cc air-cooled parallel twin engine. This motorcycle weights 452 lbs., has an overall length of 88.6 in, and a seat height of 30.5 in.

2003 Triumph Bonneville T100: Elegant design

The Triumph Bonneville T100 has an elegant and eye-catching two-tone design on the fuel tank along with a bigger than usual logo placed on the side. This motorcycle is available in Sapphire Blue and Opal White or in Goodwood Green and Aztec Gold color combinations. The look is completed with elements in black and chrome like the exhaust and engine covers.

2003 Triumph Bonneville T100: Its price

The 2003 Triumph Bonneville T100 has a base price of $7.900 approximately. The value of a motorcycle depends on many factors, particularly when talking about a used motorcycle.

Miles: The most obvious and the first thing to check, it is also important to know what the service interval of the model is.

Purpose: When a motorcycle is intended for a customization, the condition takes precedence over the look because this will be personalized in the future.

Other things to consider is the location, sometimes there is a very good deal on the other side of the country, but the translation cost has to be worth it. The regulations in place are also another important factor, older models must be updated to follow the latest regulations, and this sometimes adds to the price of the motorcycle.

2003 Triumph Bonneville T100: Unique customizations

A Bonneville is a versatile motorcycle, which may not be easy to spot at first because of its strong classic style. Modifying some key parts and adding some accessories are the first steps to personalize this motorcycle, it could be modified into another classic style or into a completely original modern design.


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