2003 Bonneville

Manufactured by Triumph, the 2003 Bonneville is an iconic motorcycle that has been around for over 60 years now. This motorcycle has a long history and tradition that is still reflected in their classic style.

All Bonneville models have been updated with the latest technology and have an incredible performance so they can compete with all motorcycles on the current market. These are the main characteristics and updates of the Bonneville models from 2003.

triumph bonneville t120

Triumph Bonneville 2003: Minimalist details

The Bonneville 2003 is a clear reflection of the first motorcycles manufactured by Triumph in the 60s, the classic style is present in the laced wheels, retro instruments, and the peashooter exhaust. This motorcycle is very minimalistic in the paint department, available in Jet Black or Cardinal Red, with a black engine and details in chrome to complete the look.

Described as an entry point for this incredible model, the Triumph 2003 Bonneville has a 790cc parallel twin air-cooled engine, an excellent performance for riders of all levels.

Triumph Bonneville years

Triumph 2003 Bonneville: Bonneville T100

The T100 is a popular model that also closely follows the classic style of the first motorcycles and has a great performance, this motorcycle has an 865cc parallel twin air-cooled engine.

The 2003 Triumph Bonneville T100 has an incredible two-tone design in elegant color combinations. Available in Goodwood Green and Aztec Gold or in Sapphire Blue and Opal White. The logo is in its usual place, on the side of the fuel tank, but is bigger than in other models.

2003 was a key year for the British brand and for the T100, it was a restart after the fire that destroy their factory the previous year, leaving them with only a limited number of their 100th anniversary model, another reason why the T100 are so special.

2003 Bonneville: Customizing your bike

The Bonneville has a very defined classic style and an elegant silhouette, it is also a very versatile motorcycle, which leaves a lot of room for a customization that shows the personality of each motorist. We have worked in over 100 customization projects and the Bonneville models are very popular in our shop, creativity has no limits with these models, even the craziest and daring color combinations would not make them lose their classic style.

Our team of designers, mechanics and developers help each client bring a unique design into life, making several drafts, and developing new parts and accessories to ensure no two bikes are alike.


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