2011 Triumph Bonneville

First launched in 1959 by Triumph, the Bonneville is an iconic motorcycle that after more than 50 years is still a favorite in the motorcycle word. This 2011 Triumph Bonneville has a classic style and design that has not been affected by the incorporation of modern technology through the years.

This model has the classic style so characteristic of these motorcycles while seamlessly incorporating new technology. We have reviewed some of the most emblematic models of that year.

Triumph Bonneville years

2011 Triumph Bonneville: Retro look

Taking inspiration from the very first model launched in 1959, this motorcycle has managed to keep the classic style by adding little nods to the early model. The powerful air cooled 865cc engine is styled with a retro look and the injection system is hidden to look like old fashion carburetors.

This motorcycle is available in stylish black or white with minimalistic designs. The short fenders and the chrome exhaust complete the look.

triumph bonneville t120

2011 Triumph Bonneville: Bonneville SE

The 2011 Triumph Bonneville SE has higher specs than the previous model, however, the biggest difference between these models is in the style, which is still a classic one, and incorporates elements like chrome logo on the fuel tank, alloy engine cases and a tachometer.

This model also offers more color options for the minimalistic dual tone design on the tank that can be an orange/black or a blue/white combination, with matching fenders and side covers.

2011 Triumph Bonneville: Bonneville T100

The Bonneville T100 is a classic model inspired by the early motorcycles the British brand manufactured in its first years. Updated through the years, the 2011 Triumph Bonneville has a parallel twin 865cc engine and a dual color design, available in classic and elegant combinations of colors black/white, beige/brown, and green/white.

The T100 is one of the most popular models thanks to its combination of history, great performance, and versatility, which makes this a perfect motorcycle for customization.

Triumph Bonneville 2011: Distinctive style

It is easy to recognize the Triumph Bonneville models from 2011 for their distinctive classic style. This is not incompatible with a customization project; it is possible to mix the elegance of the classic models with modern technology and an original design. We have worked with over 100 motorcycles and have yet to see two motorcycles alike. This is possible thanks to our amazing team of professional mechanics and developers that manage to create incredible designs and exclusive parts for each model.


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